Déjà Vu

Happy Thanksgiving! I spent mine in shit-hole AZ where the time never changes. I came home saturday evening and went out with Travis and Steven, we hung out at Billy's. I invented a new drink (my secret) the name for it is "the slut" thanks to the dudes.

 Then somehow it turned into last saturday at we ended up at Kevin's again.

AZ (looks can be deceiving)

Billy's house


Once again, the dog whisperer

the centerpiece


The guy that reminds me of spinner and Kevin

Del Taco ending (i think he was singing to me)

It Wasn't Me

I got home today and found out there is some wanna-be gossip blog out there saying things about people, automatically I get blamed just because its known that I dont get along with the person it talked about. This is my one and only blog, plus if im gonna talk shit I wont do it from a secret blog, i have better things to do with my time. Come on now!!

On a different note, this weekend was a fun one. Thursday i just hung out with the dudes in the dorm and drank some beer. Friday night was pretty fun, just hung at home with some good friends and my brother and his friends. Saturday night I went to Kevins with my Travis and had such a good time, probably the second time i was able to be successfully cross-faded, i was pretty stoked on it for some reason. It was nice to hang out with old and new friends.

the BF

Jess, Jeff, Steven, Billy

Brother n' friends

cat cup

Travis and (the other) Billy

Jon (no H, dumb)

My 2 brothers


shoes and socks
(i really love this girl)

Josh and Travis

Thats Steven back there

Kevin and Billy

it looks like im punching Trav because he chose Joe

this couch gets a lot of guy on guy action i hear

Joe loves her too

The Dog Whisperer 


brother and sister

right after Joe peed in the shower, there were about 6 people in the bathroom

(i think they just heard it for the first time last month, they were all so stoked and ran to go dance. making a HUGE deal about it)
((talking shit))

she is awesome

like really


Del Taco treats