To the Grand Canyon and back...

Alright, so i spent the weekend in Arizona. Williams, AZ. Spent a whole day at the grand canyon. The view hardly changes at each lookout. Did a ton or people watching, so many different languages going on there. It was a long road trip, i'm pretty much sick of my family. Next weekend better be good.

Best dressed of the grand canyon, totally says a lot.....right?
(her belt was all twisted, ugh)

This dude some how is in the background of like half of my pictures

This guy was so tough. His motorcycle was crazy...wish i had a picture.

this guy was wearing a purse, no woman in sight...saw him later still with it.

I sat on a bench with this guy for like 5 min, he told me i looked like paris hilton so i got up.

my dads camera purse, i made fun of him all day

ok, so my dad bought this clock from some diner.... he had to have it. 
it took him 2 days to talk the manager into it.

creepiest thing ever....are the gators in the canyon?

best bar ever!!


thats Mom in the middle.

The lookout tower

me and my dad are going rafting in the canyon next year.

Another One Bites the Dust

So Jessica just turned 21! yay. We all went to Dave&Busters, had some drinks, played some games won some awesome prizes. My favorite of the night was the kazoo. Went to some party in Berdoo, i hardly knew anyone but i had a blast. No more school night partying for this girl...


so many tickets.

Jeff and Jessica


serving it up, Dilly style...


Ok, so it turns out Ben has a freckle cluster, so rare, so awesome.
(drunk faces)