late nights

Saturday night i didn't think I would end up going out but went to the dirty bird for drinks with the guys. They closed the bar early so we walked to the underground. The party never stops at last call so we went to Greg's house, had quite a driving/walking adventure. You can never go to Greg's without using that cuzzi, i ended my night nicely.

he loves his wings 

Danny's seduction.. 

Jake's seduction.

"ok, everyones gotta leave"


The all love their wings

guess who?

amy, me and jake...the blondes



Happy Birthday Janelle

Friday at 12 Janelle turned 21, what a nice night. Pre-party at my house was fun as was the un-photographed after party. I think we only stayed at the underground. 


team jeff, this guy wins at everything

amazing love

more love

"fuck rancho"


best thing ever.

i've been to hell and back

I have been sooooo behind on all this weakending but here are some things of the past month.
Me, Janelle and Bri went to the VMA's and saw The Jonas Brothers and Kanye, it was a long grueling day. A few weeks ago i had a toga party, pretty good turn out. Recently Bri moved out and we dressed up like the jonai.

I promise to keep things updated.

This isn't even half of the Jonas crowd

Joe and Kevin?

The Blonde Jonas Brothers